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 Quintessential Cutlery - Hunters & Utility

bob dozier

D2 tool steel blade is 41/8" long. Full length:8-3/4"

stainless hilt. Ironwood handle withmicarta butt and spacers.            leather sheath.

Price: $675.00

 Quintessential Cutlery - Hunters & Utility

Kamil Dlugosz

Elmex blade (3/16" stock) is 4-1/8" .full length: 8-5/8". Satin finish.

Canvas micarta scale with red liners. Kydex sheath. Stainless pin and thong hole.

Price: $425.00

Knife is made with care and expertise that become apparent when handled in person. Shape, of the blade, grind from thick stack to extremely sharp cutting edge, smooth and comfortable in hand  profile of handle and carefully crafted kydex sheath, all adds up to a truly fine knife. GS

Quintessential Cutlery - Early Makers

Green Roger hunter

roger green

stainless steel Satin finished  blade is 5" long.Full length: 9-5/8".

1/4" stack. Full tapered tang. Elk horn scales, domed brass pins.

Tooled leather sheath.

Price: $1,400.00.

Quintessential Cutlery -Swords & Fighters

Siska Jim fighter

jim siska

ATS-34 blade is 6" long. Full length: 10-7/8". 1/4"stack, Top edge sharpen.

Full strait tang. Stainless pins, tong hole and rivets. Leather sheath.

Dark Brown "wood grain" micarta scales

Price: $765.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Early Makers

Cronk W.W

W.w. cronk

440C mirror polish blade is 8-1/4" long. Full length: 13-3/4

Full tapered tang, stainless guard, sub-hilt and pins. Brass lined tong hole. Yellow Westinghouse micarta scales over red lining. Great leather sheath. Knife is in pristine condition.

Price: $ 9,000.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Early Makers

D'Alton Holder

D'alton holder

ATS-34 mirror polish blade is 4-1/4". Full length: 9"

Bolster and butt cup engraved by pat holder. Amber, oosic handle with nickel silver and black spacers.

Tooled leather sheath

Price: $1,200.00.

Quintessential Cutlery - Early Makers

woDannehy dan

Dan Dannehy

 Mirror polish blade is 4-7/8" long. Full length:9-3/4". False top edge. Hidden tang.Nickel silver guard. African warthog handle with spacers.   Leather sheath signed by make and dated 9-26-10.

Price: $650.00

 Quintessential Cutlery - Hunters & Utility

Clay J.D

j.d. clay

440C lade is3-3/4 long. Full length:8-1/2" full tapered tang.

Brass bolsters, pins ,thong hole and inlay with maker stamp.

Scrimshaw by maker on yellow micarta scales is dated 77.

leather belt sheath with makers stamp.

price: $450.00

 Quintessential Cutlery 2K$ or More Folders

Towell Dwight

Dwight towel

440C stainless blade is 3" long. Closed: 3-7/8"

416 stainless frame, Sambar stag inlays.


Quintessential Cutlery - Daggers & Art

Hudson Rob

rob hudson

Clip point blade, is 4-3/4". Full length:10-1/2".

Hi performance  steel forged blade has sharpened top cutting edge.

Handle is fashioned as twist with duck's head at the end.

Price: $250.00

 Quintessential Cutlery - Hunters & Utility

Karlin Don

don carlin

440C mirror polish blade is 2-3/4" long. Full length:6-3/4" Full strait Tang. Stainless bolsters and pins. Desert Ironwood scales. Leather sheath.

Price: $150.00

 Quintessential Cutlery - Hunters & Utility

Beukes Tinus drop point

tinus Beukes

N690 stainless blade is 3-7/9" long. Full length:8-1/2". Full tapered tang, stainless bolsters and pins. Warthog scales. Leather sheath with overlay exotic hide.

Price: $275.00

 Quintessential Cutlery - Hunters & Utility

Birt Sid  skinner

sid birt

Birt Damascus steel blade is 5" long. full length:9-1/4" Full strait tang. Quilted maple handle.

Sid Birt -significant name among early American damascus steel developers and a special place among my favorites art Knifemakers.. GS

Price: $1000.00

Quintessential Cutlery 2K$ or More Folders

Paul jarvis

Stainless damascus (Darrel Mayer) blade is 4-5/8" long. Closed: 5-3/4"

Brass handles with Kambaba Jasper scales.

Price:$ 3,250.00

 Quintessential Cutlery - Hunters & Utility

Kneubuhler Walter

Walter Kneubuhler

D2 blade is 6-1/4". Full length: 11-1/4". Hidden Tang.

Carved , stained Elk horn handle. Frontier style sheath.

Price: $700.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Daggers & Art

Paul jarvis

Welded random damascus blade is10-1/2" long. Full length:17-1/4"                                                                                                    Fittings, handle and scabbard  are carved and tooled patiently and with great expertise, that Paul is known for.                     Materials are: sterling silver,brass,copper and exotic hardwood.

Price: $8,250.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Daggers & Art

matsuo takahashi

ATS-34 blade is 6-1/4" long. Full lenght:11"

Hollow ground, mirror-polish. Full tapered tang. Sliver bolsters and pins.

Canvas micarta scales. Leather sheath.

Price:$ 1,200.00

Quintessential Cutlery -Swords & Fighters

warren goltz

ATS-34 satin finish blade is 8-1/4" long. Full lenght:13-1/4"

Full tang construction. Stainless guard and pins. Cocobolo scales.

slight discolorations visible on the picture( side with logo).

Price: $650.00

Quintessential Cutlery -BOWIE KNIVES


Corby Harold  Bowie

Harold Corby

440C mirror-polish, clip-point, file worked blade is 11"long. Full length:16-7/8"   Hidden tang construction. Silver guard and butt cup. Ivory handle with finger groves. Black and black spacers. Leather sheath.

Price: $2,400.00

Quintessential Cutlery -BOWIE KNIVES

Bump Bruce Bowie

bruce bump

Take down construction "outlaw bowie"

52100 forged blade is 8" long. Full length:12-7/8"

Triple quench, triple temper, hollow grind hand -rubbed.

Pre-ban  checkered  ivory handle, "Bump Guard blued wit titanium spacer. Robin Severe leather sheath.

Price: $ 2,100.00

Swords and Fighters

Newton Ron

ron newton

black powder gun knife combination -'lion sword"

Multibar "Turkish Twist" Damascus blade is 26-1/4" Long. Full length: 32-1/2"

01 hot blued Miquelet Lock Guard and end fittings. 18K gold plate barrel. Gold inlays and engraving by maker.

Sambar stag handle. Custom-made leather caring case with all necessary tools and bullets. Sole authorship.

Price: $42,000.00

Daggers and Art

D.Ralph "Michael Sword"

darrel  ralph

"Michael Sword"

This copy of original sword by Hugh Bartrug is 2-1/2" longer ( original 23").  It was commissioned  and made with Hugh's knowledge and recommendation. Picture of the original can be find in Weser's "Point of Interest IV" published in1993.

Blade is 18-1/2" long and 2-1/2" wide. Full lenght:25-1/2"

Twisted damascus center core with 01 band forge welded around  .

Fitting are 18K gold. Blade is bas relived and 24K gold plated after etching.

Octagonal handle has Mother of Pearl panels. Tip of the pommel has Gold Lip Pearl inlay.

Price: $28,000

Quintessential Cutlery -Swords & Fighters

Slobodian Scott wakizashi

scott slobodian

Carbon steel blade with clay tempered hamon is18" long. Full length: 26"

Copper habaki, cast bronze fittings. Spalted maple wood saya with buffalo horn and bronze fitting.

Sting Ray skin handle with traditional Japanese wrapping. Traditional wood display stand.