Quintessential Cutlery Presents : Antique knives

Michael price

,Michael Price hunting belt knife of nineteen century San Francisco " Gold Rush" era.

Full length: 10-1/8 ". Blade length:5-5/8". Full tapered tang. Walrus ivory scales, silver pins. Leather sheath.

Great condition.


 Quintessential Cutlery Presents : Antique knives

Ottmer Mike

Knife made in early 50's by Mike Ottmer (NJ) for Robert Abels - famous antique bowie collector, author of three books on the subject. In addition to his famous antique bowie collection, Ables supported a few modern era makers, Randall, Henry, Green and Ottmar among them. This knife appears in "blue book" ( Abels first booklet) on page 8, number 29

"Stag hilted knife with 7 inch blade, and leather scabbard. Made for me by Mike Ottmer of Island Heights, NJ marked R. Abels N.Y. 1954" Robert Abels

Stag scales are attached to full tang by brass pins and reinforced guard is solid brass. The original leather sheath with fluted brass throat and embossed Initials "R.A.".

Price: sold

"blue book" and history of previous ownerships are included with the knife.  

Joseph Rodgers & sons

Spear point blade is 10" long. Full Length: 15"

Stamp: J. Rodgers & Sons/ No 6 Norfolk St/Sheffield. England

Full tang. Horn Scales. Silver guard. Leather sheath with silver tip and throat.

Price: $1,400.00

g.Wostenholm &son

Blade Length:7" Full length": 11-1/4"

Full tang. Silver guard. Stag scales. No sheath.

Stamp : G. Wostenholm & Son/ Washington Works/ Sheffield. Eng



Wade & Butcher

Blade length: 10-3/4".15-3/4"

Full Tang. Stacked leather with brass spacers handle. Steel guard and pommel.

Original leather sheath.  (sold in  Von Lengerke & Antoine Chicago)

Price: $995.00