Quintessential Cutlery - Swords & Fighters

Pendleton Lloyd "Big Bear"

Lloyd pendleton

"Big bear" sub-hilt fighter

ATS-34 blade is 8-3/8" long. Full Length: 13-3/4"

Full tapered tang, stainless  guard. Silver pins. Red liners under scales.

Price: $1,595.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Swords & Fighters

Begg todd fix blade

todd begg

Blade length: 8"

Full length: 13-3/4"

stack : 7/8"

Full straddle construction tang over exotic hardwood handle.

Price: 2,500.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Swords & Fighters

Rigney Willie sub-hilt

Willie rigney

440-C stainless blade is 12" long. Full length: 18". 1/4" stack

Double edge hallow ground with false top edge is mirror polished. Satin finish in the middle 

Integral hot blued handle with gold inlays

Price: $9,995.00                    

Quintessential Cutlery - Swords & Fighters

Herron George fighter

George herron

ATS-34 stainless blade is 5-7/8" long. Full length: 10-1/2"

Top edge sharpened. Full tapered tag. Stainless guard and pins. Stag scales over black liners.

Price: $ 1,800.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Swords & Fighters

dew hara fix

Dew Hara

ATS-35 stainless steel. mirror polished blade is 5-1/4" long .Full length: 10-1/2"

Three layers of hard anodized A2o24 (Duralumin) handle.


Quintessential Cutlery - Swords & Fighters


Rick Furrer

Damascus blade is 7" long. (top sharp edge: 4"). Full length: 13"

Damascus guard and butt cup have sharp piercing ability as well as "sharp looking style".

There is Mocume spacer between blade and guard and handle is made of black ash burl.

Price $550.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Swords & Fighters


J.D. Smith

Tamahagane Fighter

Tamahagane steel blade is 5-3/4". Full length: 9-1/4"

Nickel silver file worked liners. Cocobolo scales. Tooled leather
scabbard w/ belt frog.

Price: USD $ 1,850.00 

Quintessential Cutlery - Swords & Fighters

sfimg/Bruce Bump ring fighter.jpg

Bruce D. Bump

300 layer damascus 1084/15N20 blade is 6-1/2" long. Full length"11"

Pure Nickel Powder metal guard (canister welded) and butt cup,

Alligator leather sheath with nickel tip and throat. Sheath clip designed for hooking on the inside pocket of a gambler's west for easy access. Tom Ferry did the handle carving and border engraving.

Price:$ 2,700.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Swords & Fighters

sfimg/T.Ferry Tanto.jpg

Tom Ferry

Maker's Damascus (1084 and 15n20 high carbon) blade is 8-1/2" long. Full length14-1/2"

Curly Koa Handle and sheath with engraved inlays. Guard engraved with gold inlays. Guard and inlays are made from 416 SS.  Twist pattern Damascus ferrule.

Sole authorship.

Price: $3,000.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Swords & Fighters


Peter Martin

Multi-color damascus (Martin) blade is 7-1/4" long. Full length:12"

Damascus guard and butt cup. Mastodon ivory handle with horn spacer.

Price: $$850.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Swords & Fighters

Rigney Willie Fighter

Willie Rigney

ATS-34 stainless steel blade is 6" long. Stainless engraved bolsters. Tapered tang. Black micarta scales

Price USD $1,000.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Swords & Fighters


Gill Hibben

Stainless blade is 7-1/4" long. Overall length: 13" Hot blued steel fittings. Handle is made of fluted and silver wired special fiber material. Knife was made for "Star Trek" movie. Has etched "Klingon writing" on the blade.

Price USD $1,800.00 Now

Quintessential Cutlery - Swords & Fighters


Ron Frazier

0-1hot blued steel blade is double hollow ground. Blade length: 19". Sword is 24-1/4" long. Gold wire inlay on the guard. Fossil walrus  ivory handle with Jade, Coral and gold inlays on the both sides. Lined scabbard with stainless blued tip and throat, engraved with Jade Set in.

Price USD $2,800.00.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Swords & Fighters


Michael Rader

Damascus in ISN-20, 5160, 8660 high-carbon steels. Blade length:23-1/8". Handle length: 10-1/4" Stainless steel guard and Damascus nut. Matching handle and lined scabbard made with Teak, Paduk and Peruvian Walnut.

Price :USD $1,800.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Swords & Fighters


Bruno Joerg

Damascus blade is 5-7/8" long. Overall length: 10-1/4". Rosewood handles with fossil ivory spacers. Bruno is a master smith from Switzerland whom I met at the show in Locarno. (www.damastmesser.ch}

Price USD $785.00

Quintessential cutlery-Swords & Fighters


Murad  Sayen

 Murad Sayen, known today more for his partnership with Don Fog (Kemal) was a knifemaker himself. Presented fighting knife has very contemporary look, although it was made in early 80's. ATS-34 bead blasted blade is 6-3/8" long. Full tapered tang. Bead blasted shaped quillon guard ,thonghole and pins. Black micarta scales with airborne insignia escutcheon. Full length: 11-3/4". No sheath

Price:$ 550.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Swords & Fighters


Fred E. Weber

Fred Weber - Knifemaker from NJ, best known in the 80's.His knife appears in Weyer's "Points of Interest " first book, and there is several pictures in "Knives Annual" : K'82, K'83 and K'85. Specialties listed in directory are: "Heavy-duty working knives; Bowie; also light -weight hunters; some utility survival types; steel: D2 or 154CM ".Presented knife’s full length is 12-1/4". 154C steel blade is length 7" long. Both edges sharpened. Full tapered tang, micarta scales with airborne  insignia and burgundy liners. Guard and pins are nickel silver. Scrimshaw on this fighter is signed TM. No sheath

Price: $sold

Quintessential Cutlery - Swords and Fighters

Corby Harold Sub-hilt

Harold Corby

Double hollow ground, mirror polished, stainless steel blade is 6-1/2" long. Full length: 11-1/2" Full tapered tang .  Nickel silver fitting engraved. Micarta handle. Airborne insignia.

Price: $ 950.00

Quintessential cutlery-Swords & Fighters

Minnick Jim sub-hilt

Jim Minnick

154CM stainless steel, double hollow ground blade is 6-1/2" long. Full length : 11-3/4". Full tapered tang. Stainless fittings, pins and thong hole. Wood micarta scales with white spacers.

Price: $825.00

Quintessential cutlery-Swords & Fighters


Jim Hammond

440C double edged blade is 6-1/8" long. Full length: 11-1/2". Ironwood scales brass fittings.

Price: $565.00

Quintessential cutlery-Swords & Fighters


Norman Bardsley

Double edged D2 blued steel blade is 6-1/2" long. ¼" stack. Full tang. Length: 11".

 Wood micarta scales. Kydex sheath. ( upper picture shows the actual color of the handle )

Price: $ 395.00

Quintessential cutlery-Swords & Fighters


Kevin L. Hoffman

01 steel blade is 6-1/4" long. Full length: 11-1/4". Micarta handle .  Kydex sheath.

Price: $300.00