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Quintessential Cutlery - Early Makers

Lile James hunter

440C blade is 3-3/4" long. Full length: 8-7/8"

Full tapered tang. Brass ,engraved bolsters and rivets .  Brass tong hole. Micarta scales over red liners. Engraves initials on the top of the bolster: J.M.K-76

Original leather sheath.

Price: $995.00

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Onion Ken Slacker LL

ken onion

154 CPM satin finish blade is 3-1/4" long. Closed knife: 4-1/4"

Titanium textured frame, liners and tip-up right carry clip .

Price: $895.00

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Winkler Daniel folder

daniel winkler

Carbon steel blade is 3-1/8" long. Closed knife 4-2/8"

File worked blade and spine. Iron bolsters,  liners and pins. Brass pivot pin.

Elk horn scales. Neck pouch is made by Robert Schummer in frontier fashion.

Price: $ 1,595.00

Quintessential Cutlery -BOWIE KNIVES

Tommy Gann bowie

tommy gann

Ats-34 blade of 1/4" stock is 9-1/4" long. Full length: 14-1/4" Full tang.

Hot blued guard, polished nickel silver ferrule, but cup and pins.

 Checkered Ebony handle. Hand stitched and hand tooled leather sheath.

Price: 1,595.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Hunters & Utility

Herron/LEE semi-skinner

George Herron/tommy lee

Stainless 3-1/4" satin finish blade. Full length:  7-1/2". Full tapered tang.

Stainless engraved bolsters with gold inlays. Sambar stag scales with black liners.

Brown leather sheath with belt loop. 

This model is one of the few cooperation knives of those two makers.

Price: $1,950.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Early Makers

Loveless R.W. gut hook hunter

R. w. loveless

3-3/4" Blade. Full length: 8-3/4"

Full tapered tang. Brass rivets and thong hole. Brown linen micarta improved  handle.

Price: $7,250.00

Quintessential Cutlery - 1k$ or less Folder

Cover Ray lock-back

ray cover

D-2 steel blade is 3-3/8" long. Closed knife 4-1/4"

Stainless bolsters ,liners, back spring and pins. Cocobolo scales.

Leather belt sheath by Jim Layton.

Price: $650.00

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William Henry "Liberty

William henry

Heat-blued carbon "Flag" damascus blade is 2-9/16" long. Closed knife:3-1/4"

416 stainless engraved handle 

Sterling silver lanyard bail and bolo. Ruby gemstones set in 18K gold on thumb stud button lock and stainless beads.

 Carrying leader  Clip-Case  and beautiful display box .

Price: $ 6,500.00 

Quintessential Cutlery - 1k$ or less Folder

Zieba Michael S7 Flipper

michael zieba

Nitro-V steel blade is 2-3/4" Closed: 4-1/8"

Marble carbon fiber and vintage bronze finished frame. Copper back spacer with hidden skulls. Perfect finish, perfect action, lovely knife -comfortable to carry.

Price: $675.00


Quintessential Cutlery - Daggers & Art

Lary Ed Railroad Spike.

Ed Lary

Full length:*-1/2"

Carbon steel railroad spike knife on freight train car is the nicest I have ever seen. Ed Lary is an experienced master smith and craftsman and this whole piece is a very proof of it.

Price: $1,495.00

Quintessential Cutlery -BOWIE KNIVES

Daniels Alex Sheffield bowie

alex daniels

ATS-34 blade is 9-3/4" long. Full length:15-5/8".

This California gold rush Sheffield bowie reproduction has sterling silver cast guard and half-horse, half-alligator pommel, silver ferrule and fluted handle. Silver tip and throat leather sheath.

Price: $2,995.00

Quintessential Cutlery-Antique

Michael price

,Michael Price hunting belt knife of nineteen century San Francisco " Gold Rush" era.

Full length: 10-1/8 ". Blade length:5-5/8". Full tapered tang. Walrus ivory scales, silver pins. Leather sheath.

Great condition.

Price: $25,000.00

Quintessential Cutlery-Antique

Ottmer Mike

Knife made in early 50's by Mike Ottmer (NJ) for Robert Abels - famous antique bowie collector, author of three books on the subject. In addition to his famous antique bowie collection, Ables supported a few modern era makers, Randall, Henry, Green and Ottmar among them. This knife appears in "blue book" ( Abels first booklet) on page 8, number 29

"Stag hilted knife with 7 inch blade, and leather scabbard. Made for me by Mike Ottmer of Island Heights, NJ marked R. Abels N.Y. 1954" Robert Abels

Stag scales are attached to full tang by brass pins and reinforced guard is solid brass. The original leather sheath with fluted brass throat and embossed Initials "R.A.".

Price: $3,000.00  -

"blue book" and history of previous ownerships are included with the knife.  

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Shadley Eugene Swing Guard folder

eugene shadley

ATS-34 blade, spring and lock bar. Closed knife: 5-3/8"

Stag scales, 410 stainless shield.

Price: $3,500.00

Quintessential Cutlery 2K$ or More Folders

Shadley Eugene flipper

eugene shadley

ATS-34 satin finish blade. Closed knife 5-3/4"

416 stainless frame . Stag inlays.

Price: $3000.00

Quintessential Cutlery 2K$ or More Folders

Shadley Eugene auto

eugene shadley

ATS-34 satin finish blade. Closed knife: 5-3/8"

416 stainless frame. Stainless release button screws and safety. Stag scales.

Price: $3,000.00

Quintessential Cutlery 2K$ or More Folders

Shadley Eugene Dublin Whittler

eugene shadley

ATS-34 satin finish blade and springs. Closed knife is 5-3/4" long.

416 stainless frame. 410 stainless shield. Stag scales.

Price: 3,500.00

Quintessential Cutlery -BOWIE KNIVES

McItyre Shawn bowie

Shawn mcintyre MS

1085 steel blade is 9-1/4" long. Full length: 14-1/4"

Hidden tang. Damascus guard and ferrule. Burled stabilized Australian hardwood handle.

Hand tooled leather sheath with the frog.


Quintessential Cutlery - Hunters & Utility

McDonald W.J. Claw

W.j. mcdonald

440C blade is 2" long. Full length : 3-7/8"

Bighorn sheep scales, stainless rivets. Leather sheath.

Price: $225.00

Quintessential Cutlery - 1k$ or less Folder

Johnson R.B. Damasteel lockback

R.B. johnson

Damasteel blade is 3-1/8" long. Closed knife: 4-1/8"

Damasteel bolsters and back spring. Stainless liners and screws.

Mammoth tusk scales.

Price: $ 750.00

Quintessential Cutlery - 1k$ to 2K$ Folder

Booth Philip Italian style LL

Philip booth

Stainless satin finish blade is 5" long. Closed knife :6-1/8"

Stainless satin finish bolters and liners .Buffalo horn scales . Safety

Price: $ 1095.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Hunters & Utility

Jenkins Mitch semi-skinner

Mitch jenkins

154CM mirror polish blade is 5-3/4" long. Full lenght:10-1/4"

Full tapered tang. Stainless hilt and rivets. Dear antler scales with red liners.

Leather sheath.

Price: $595.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Hunters & Utility

Weiland Reese claw

reese weiland

Length beak to butt: 3-1/2"

Stainless blade, fossil walrus scales. Leather belt sheath.

Price: $175.00

Quintessential Cutlery -BOWIE KNIVES

Goltz Warren Bowie Ironwood

warren goltz

ATS-34 stainless mirror polished blade is 9" long. Full length: 14-1/4"

Stainless quillion and pommel. Desert Ironwood handle. Leather sheath.

Price: $795.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Hunters & Utility

Norfleet Ross hunter

ross norfleet

ATS-34 mirror polished blade is 3-1/4" long. Full length: 7-1/4"

Full tapered tang. Stainless bolster with finger guard. Stainless rivets. Stag handle with black liners. Leather sheath.

Price: $ 225.00

Quintessential Cutlery -BOWIE KNIVES

Hedrick Don guardless hunter's bowie

don Hedricks

Carbon tool steel blade witch Spanish notch is 9-3/4" long. Full length: 15"

Full tang with rope file work all around. Nickel silver file worked spacers. African Blackwood scales fastened by slightly domed silver pins.

Price: $625.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Swords & Fighters

Bubnievsky Sergey

sergey bubnievsky

Price: $2,500.00

Quintessential Cutlery - 1k$ or less Folder

Jangtanogn Suchat claw

suchat jangtanong

ATS-34 mirror polish blade is 2-1/4"long. Closed knife: 3-3/8'

Stainless file worked liners and back strap. Mother of pearl scales. 14K gold plate screws and thumb stud with semi-precious blue stone.

Price:$ 475.00

 Quintessential Cutlery - Hunters & Utility

Fister Jim Scagel style

jim fister

Forged carbon blade is 4" long. Full length: 8-3/4"

Nickel silver hilt and spacers. Leather stack and stag handle with agate at the butt.

Leather sheath.

Price: $ 600.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Hunters & Utility

Skoog Jan Eric -pukko

Jan Eric skoog

Carbon steel blade is 3" long. Full length: 7"

Wood and resin combination handle. Fitted black leather sheath.

Price: $325.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Early Makers

Cooper Nelson. Fighter

john nelson cooper

440C stainless blade is 6"long.Full length:10 -1/2"

Top serrated blade brass butt cup and spacers.  Canvas micarta handle.

Original Cooper leather sheath.

Price: $1,500.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Hunters & Utility

Lloyd Hale hunter

Ll0yd hale

440C mirror polish blade is 5" long. Full Lenght:10"

Nickel silver guard and butt cup black and red spacers. Crown stag handle.

Price: $670.00

Quintessential Cutlery - 1k$ or less Folder

Wallottons SOF


SOF 1993 double auction folder / 32 of 50

ATS-34 bead blasted blade is 4-1/2" long. Closed knife: 5-3/8"

Titanium liners, black micarta scales. stainless screws, pivot and button.

Price: $700.00

Quintessential Cutlery - 1k$ or less Folder

Gottage Judy

Judy gottage

ATS-34 blade is 3--3/4" long. Closed knife 5-1/2"

Black aluminum frame.

Price: $475.00

 Quintessential Cutlery - Hunters & Utility

Fuegen Larry  damascus hunter

larry fuegen

Damascus blade is 3-1/2" long. Full length: 7-1/2"

Nickel silver bolster and butt cup stag and oosic handle. Hand tooled leather sheath,

Price: $1,195.00

Quintessential Cutlery - 1k$ or less Folder

Lerch Matthew auto

Matthew lerch

Stainless steel bead blasted blade is 2-3/4" long. Closed knife: 3-1/2"

Stainless screws and back spring. Titanium frame.

Price: $ 550.00

 Quintessential Cutlery 2K$ or More Folders 

Williams Jason auto

jason williams

Stainless steel blade is 3-3/4" long. Closed knife:4-1/2"

Stainless liners, back spring and engraved by Chris Mayer bolsters. Mother of pearl scales, stainless screws.

Price: $ 2,195.00