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 Quintessential Cutlery - Hunters & Utility

Fuegen Larry Scagel hunter

larry fuegen

Forged 5160 carbon steel blade is 4-1/4" long> Full length: 9"

Nickel silver guard. Deer horn handle with nickel silver and leather spacers. Hand tooled leather sheath.

Price: 1,195.00

Quintessential Cutlery -BOWIE KNIVES

Batson James Alamo

james batson

"Alamo" -classic soutwest bowie

High  carbon steel blade is 10" long. Full length: 15"

Forged iron guard and blade are "Forged Fire Finished".

Crown deer antler haft with turquoise in the crown is double pinned to the tang with iron rivets. Leader sheath with ornamental beads and turquoise stone.

Price: $ 1,295.00

 Quintessential Cutlery 2K$ or More Folders 

W. Henry custom

William Henry knives

B10 Lancet custom2  (2006)

Wave ZDP damascus -189 steel core blade is 2-5/8" long. Closed knife: 3-5/8"

Gary House heath blued mosaic damascus handle. 18K rose gold inlay and bail is carved by Amayak Stephanyan. Diamonds in thumb stud and locking button. Anodized titanium beads, stainless fittings.

Price: $6,200.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Daggers & Art

Laroche Jean Marc cobra (natural size picture)

Jean marc laroche

Damascus blade is 3=1/4" long. Full length: 5-3/4"

Cobra head sculptured of composite material with onyx eyes  as a handle.

Kydex sheath holds the knife tightly.

Price: $475.00

Quintessential Cutlery - 1K to  to 2K Folder

Richard Ron button lock folder

ron richard

ATS-34 stainless, satin finished blade is 3-3/4" long. Closed knife:5"

Anodized Titanium frame, spine button and screws.

Knife was made in 90's in what was known then as hi- tech category.

Price: $1,395.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Hunters & Utility

 Quintessential Cutlery - 1K to  to 2K Folder

Stewart Chuck stiletto

chuck Stewart

Ats-34 blade is 3-1/2" long. Closed knife: 4"

Stainless steel engraved frame and locking bar. Buffalo horn inlays. Upper front panel release.

Works nice and locks solid.

Price: pending

Quintessential Cutlery - Swords & Fighters

Pendleton Lloyd "Big Bear"

Lloyd pendleton

"Big bear" sub-hilt fighter

ATS-34 blade is 8-3/8" long. Full Length: 13-3/4"

Full tapered tang, stainless  guard. Silver pins. Red liners under scales.

Price: $1,595.00

 Quintessential Cutlery 2K$ or More Folders 

Osborne Warren engraved auto

warren osborne

Damascus blade is 3" long. Closed knife:4-1/8"

Stainless frame engraved by R. Cover, file worked all around, stainless back spring and bail.

Mother of pearl scales with abalone inlay.

Price: $4.200.00

Quintessential Cutlery - 1k$ or less Folder

Schwarzer Steve Friction folder

steve schwarzer

Damascus blade is 2-3/8" long. Closed knife: 4- 5/8"

 Crown stag handle and fitted tooled belt sheath by Bob Scharp.

Price: $995.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Swords & Fighters

Begg todd fix blade

todd begg

Blade length: 8"

Full length: 13-3/4"

stack : 7/8"

Full straddle construction tang over exotic hardwood handle.

Price: 2,500.00

 Quintessential Cutlery 2K$ or More Folders 

Rados jerry auto

Jerry rados

Turkish Damascus blade is 3-7/8" long. Closed knife 5"

Turkish Damascus integral frame, file worked spine and bail. Mastodon scales.

Price: 4,000.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Swords & Fighters

Rigney Willie sub-hilt

Willie rigney

440-C stainless blade is 12" long. Full length: 18". 1/4" stack

Double edge hallow ground with false top edge is mirror polished. Satin finish in the middle 

Integral hot blued handle with gold inlays.

Price: $8,800.00

Quintessential Cutlery 2K$ or More Folders 

Fuegen Larry Goblin  Jasper

larry fuegen

Friction folder- Goblin "jasper"

Ladder pattern damascus blade is4" long. Closed knife is 5-1/4"

Carved elk antler handle with gold fittings. Rock on the hard wood stand.

Price: $4,500.00

 Quintessential Cutlery 2K$ or More Folders

Dellana lock-back folder


Damascus "Summer Wave" blade Is 2-1/2" Long. Closed knife: 4"

Damascus bolsters and file worked spine, stainless liners, 14 K gold pins and thumb stud with emerald inlays. Fossil ivory scales. If this folder reminds you James Schmidt's knives, you probably know, that he was Dellana's teacher.

Price: $2,995.00 

 Quintessential Cutlery 2K$ or More Folders

Vogt Donald Auto

Donald vogt

Devon Thomas Damascus blade is 4-1/2" long. Closed knife: 7"

Damascus, gold and silver Bolsters as well as Mother of Pearl scales are elaborately carved. Gold bail and diamond in releasing bar, black diamonds in fire worked and inlaid with gold and shells spine, gold screws. This is very much Donald's style in all of his very limited in numbers folders.

Price: $8,500.00

 Quintessential Cutlery 2K$ or More Folders

 Hanson Don III Sunfish

Don Hanson IIi

Damascus blade is 3 _1/8" long. Closed knife: 4-3/8: 

Mosaic Damascus bolsters , Damascus spine, Titanium file worked liners,

and screws, mammoth ivory scales. Slimmer then usually version of "sunfish" model. (little under 3/8")

Price: $3,200.00

Quintessential Cutlery - 1k$ or less Folder

Zieba Michael MS2

michael zieba

AEB-L stainless hrpoon blade is2-5/8" long, 60-61HRC. Closed knife" 4"

Titanium locking side, titanium pocket clip. G10 show side (brown or orange). Ceramic detent, caged ball bearings washers. Aluminum covered and anodized steel screw.

Price: $225.00 

Great knife to carry, if you want something light and sharp. (I do carry it)

Quintessential Cutlery - 1k$ or less Folder

Zieba Michael S4 Hussar

michael zieba

AEB-L stainless blade is 3-1/2" long, 59-60 HRC.  Closed knife:4-7/8"

Titanium frame, caged bearings pivot. Titanium tip-up pocket clip. (Hussar wing)

Red coated titanium spacer. Lanyard with hussar skull in helmet bead.


Quintessential Cutlery - Daggers & Art

Takahashi Masao Dagger

masao takahashi

Mirror polished double edged blade is 6-3/8" long. Full length: 11"

Full tapered tang. Deep concave ground. Stainless double guard and stainless pins.

Black canvas micarta handle. Leather sheath.

Price: $ 1,375,00

Quintessential Cutlery - Daggers & Art

Takahashi Masao Push dagger

masao takahashi

ATS-34 double edged blade is 3-1/2" long. Full length: 7"

Mirror polished blade is double hollow ground. Silver sheath and fittings trimmed with gold wire. Sheath fits perfectly.

Price: $1,595.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Early Makers

Loveless R.W. Nessmuk

r. w. loveless

154-CM blade is 4" long. Full length:8-1/2"

Full tapered tang . Nickel silver hilt, brass rivets and thong hole. Brown linen micarta slabs.

Price: $5,950.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Early Makers

R.W. Loveless Semi-skinner

r. W. Loveless

154-CM blade is3-3/4" long. Full length: 8-1/2"

Full tapered tang. Brass rivets and thong hole. Brown linen micarta handle.

Price: $5,250.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Early Makers

Loveless R.W. Long utility hunter

R.W. loveless

154 CPM blade is 5-1/2" long. Full length: 10-3/8".

Full tapered tang. Nickel silver bolster. Brass rivets and tong hole. Brown linen micarta handle

Price: $5,950.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Early Makers

Loveless R.W. drop.impr.micarta

r.w. loveless

154CM blade is 3-1/2" long. Full length:8-1/4"

Full tapered tang .Stainless pins ,brass rivets and thonghole. Maroon linen micarta slabs.

Original sheath. Mint.

Price: $5,450.00 

Quintessential Cutlery - Daggers & Art

Bergh Roger art knife

Roger Bergh

Damascus blade is 6-1/2" long. Full length: 11-1/2"

Hollow ground from 1/2" stack.  Steel bolster and Blackwood handle is carved and  textured the same way, to look like extension of each other. Textured silver butt cup matches  tip of tooled ,hand formed and sewn leather sheath ,which fits knife like glove.

Price: $4,200.00

Quintessential Cutlery - 1K to  to 2K Folders

Pease.W.D sidelock

W.D. pease

Damascus blade is 2-3/4"long. Closed knife: 4"

Meteorite bolster and locking bar. Black and gold lip mother of pearl scales. 14K gold plate screws . Stainless steel liners and file worked spine.

Price: $1,495.00

 Quintessential Cutlery 2K$ or More Folders

Hoel Steve Interframe abalone

Steve hoel

ATS-34 stainless blade is 2-5/8" long. Closed knife: 4-5/8".

416 stainless frame engraved with gold inlays by Julie Warenski. Abalone Schell inlays in the frame.

Price: $ 3,595.00

Quintessential Cutlery - Daggers & Art

West Michael Desk Knife

Michael west

Rwl 34 powder steel blade is 3" long. Full length: 5-1/8"

Full tang with agate "Pieteresite" scales in 935 sterling silver Framing. Hollow ground polished to bright shine.

Handle at its thickest 1/2"  at thinnest: 1/4" . Ebony stand with sterling silver fittings.

Michael's knives- new to the American collectors- have very unique, immediately recognizable elegant and harmonious style. You may want to look at his site  (westknives.com)

Price: $1,895.00

 Quintessential Cutlery 2K$ or More Folders

Loerchner Elizabeth lock-back

Elizabeth Loerchner

440C stainless blade is 4-1/4" long. Closed knife: 5-1/2"

416 stainless frame has gold and cloisonné inlays with gold wire on French Gray finish.

Elizabeth- like her father and teacher- sculptures her knives with hand files only. It is a very time consuming process but effect is smooth to the touch and sharp looking at the same time. The closed knife's picture is in actual size. Elizabeth's knives often remind knives made by her father- Wolfgang and sometime is difficult to tell them apart. This is a great achievement on her part  as he is truly one  of the best. It would be curious to see where her already great skills will take her.

(As far as I know, Wolf doesn't use cloisonné technique on his knives.  ) 

Price: $11,495.00 

Schoeman Corrie flipper B ware

Corrie Schoeman

1095 steel blade is 3-1/2" long. Closed knife: 5"

Titanium liners and file worked back strap. Stabilized giraffe bone scales on Black G-10 lining. Citrine inserts in the blade. Pivot runs on bearings.

Price: $695.00