Collection of 4 prototype automatics made by R.B. Johnson (years 1990 -2000)

ATS-34 Blade is 3-5/8" long. Closed knife:4-1/2"

Stainless bolster, liners back strap and release lever on the bolster. Mammoth Ivory scales.

Price: sold

ATS-34 satin finish blade is 3-1/4"long. Closed knife:3-7/8"

Stainless bolsters liners and back strap. Fossil ivory scales.


Damasteel blade is 3-1/4" long. Closed knife:3-7/8"

Mosaic damascus bolsters, titanium file worked liners. 14K gold plate screws.

Fossil ivory scales.

Price: $sold

ATS-34 blade is 2-3/4" long. Closed knife:3-5/8"

Mocume bolsters, stainless liners release lever and back strap.

other of pearl scales.

Price: $sold

All four knives, made in 90's when custom automatics knives where at the high demand,  are from collection of  John Fukes - now diseased knife collector ,