Quintessential Cutlery -BOWIE KNIVES

D'holder  Searles bowie

d'Alton holder

Stainless mirror polished blade is 8-7/8" long. Full length: 13-1/2"

Hot blued guard ferrule and butt cup with silver beaded spacers. Oosic handle.

Price: $2,295.00

  Quintessential Cutlery -BOWIE KNIVES

Kilby Keith damascus bowie

Keith Kilby-ms

Damascus blade is 9-3/8" long. Full length: 14"  Stock: 3/8"

Damascus guard and butt cup. Desert Ironwood handle with nickel silver and black synthetic spacers.

Price: $1,400.00

Quintessential Cutlery - BOWIE KNIVES

Hendrickson Jay SW Bowie

Jay Hendickson

Forged 5160 carbon steel blade is 10-1/2" long, 2/-1/2" wide and 3/16 tick. Full length: 16"

Differential heat treatment. Full tapered tang. Curly Maple and stag handle with turquoise and silver wire inlays. Matching sheath.

Price: $2,795.00

Quintessential Cutlery - BOWIE KNIVES

J.D. Smith Bowie

J.D. Smith MS

W-2 blade is 9" long. Full length: 14-5/8"

Damascus guard and the butt cup. Ironwood handle.

Hand tooled leather belt sheath with brass frog.

Price:$ 1,199.00

Quintessential Cutlery - BOWIE KNIVES


J.D. Smith - MS

Multi-bar composite Damascus blade is 11-1/2" long. Full length:17-1/4"

Damascus guard  with brass spacer and collar. Black palm handle. Hand tooled leather belt sheath with brass frog.

Price: $ 2,295.00


Quintessential Cutlery - BOWIE KNIVES

Todd Kinnican

Maker's multi-bar Damascus blade is 8-1/2" long. Full length:13-1/2"

Walrus artifact handle and Eskimo story line on mosaic damascus bar.

Damascus guard


Quintessential Cutlery - BOWIE KNIVES



086M carbon steel blade, clay hardened and satin finished is 9" long with clearly visible temper line. Full length: 14"
Heat blued fittings, oosic and buffalo horn handle. Leather wrap over a basswood scabbard

Price: $685,00

Quintessential Cutlery - BOWIE KNIVES


R. B. Johnson

154-CM satin finished blade is 6" long. Full length:10-1/4". Full tang. Nickel silver guard and bolster. Dovetailed mammoth  scales with Frazetta girl, scrimshaw  by Rick Fields.  Perfect condition.

Price: $3,200.00

Antique ivory carved handle, pair of English style 3/4 bowie knives.




Toshiaki Michinaka

Presented pair of 3/4″ English bowie knives are project of British engraver-Simon Lytton. One day, visiting antique store, he recognized pair of ivory carved handles used by Joseph Rodgers & Sons of Sheffield- Cutlers To Their Majesty in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Handles as such, where used on exhibition pieces that signified Rodgers world wide claimed dominance. Simon bought the pair, commissioned Japanese maker- Toshiaki Michinaka to make copies of original clip point blade bowie knives and engraved them in the period style. When done, knives where published in Blade Magazine.
ATS-34 Blades are 5-7/8″ long. Guards and ferrules are nickel silver. Nickel silver tip and throat sheaths. Full length: 10-7/8″

Price : $2,250.00 for each

Quintessential Cutlery - BOWIE KNIVES

Judson Brennan

The 10 inch triangular blade with forged bolster. Full length:13".

Silver pommel cap. Fluted ebony grip. Silver tip and throat sheath. Light engraving.

Price: $1,250.00